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"You make it - We Sell it"
Space for Lease"

Opportunities in Kent: Be an owner !

Have a award winning recipe?
Want to start your own business and don't know how, or where?

Do it at the SAVE-U-MORE Gourmet Store & Online

1: Show us what you can do. If it's really good..... then yes ! You are in !

2: You need a food handlers permit. You can do that online

3: You buy your own ingredients, make your product in our licensed kitchen.

4: You package it and label it, for sale in our store. We can assists you !

5: You promote it ! Tell your friends, go on face book, give out samples !

6: We cashier for you, and like Amazon, charge only 15% of the sales price!

7: You get 85% of the sales price. No rent, No Utilities

8: Looking for Products, like (but anything goes)
Chocolate......Bon-Bon...Coated Nuts,... Candy......Cake Balls
Cup Cakes.....Fudge......Kettle-Corn.....Pies...Tortes & Cakes
Ice Cream or Gelato.....Yogurts & Creams...Sugar Free Dishes

Fully Equipped, Ready to Start:

9: Also have need a owner/butcher& meat cutter to sell their at the meat counter.

10: A retail baker to sell thier products from the bakery counter

11: A Deli person for fresh cut smoked sausages and imported cheese.

12: A Cafe/Restaurant entrepreneur to own/run the Cafe,

13: A Ice Cream Enthusiast to take on the Ice Cream Making, Pinting and Serving.
We have all equipment

14: A groomer for our ready to go Grooming Station in the Pet store

We are flexible, are you? Ideas & Suggestions ?

Email Val with your ideas.... and bring samples to the manager on duty.

Email Val Save-U-More, 23636 104th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98031